Explore an unknown side of Akasaka

Geisha bring color to Akasaka

Akasaka Kagai is one of Tokyo’s six remaining Kagai districts.
The Akasaka Kagai district is located in a quiet, built-up area.
Once you pass through the short curtain hung at the entrance, you will find yourself in a different world.
In this world that is just for adults, you can forget about daily life and indulge yourself.

Enchanting, beautiful and amusing.
Please consider visiting Akasaka Kagai.

Passed down over generations.
Japanese arts, beauty and thoughtful hospitality

Hospitality professionals

Akasaka Ikuko is the first geisha to receive the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays in recognition of her contributions to art and culture. She continues to work as a geisha while also teaching younger geisha. The young trainees are strictly instructed by Ikuko in the skills of Japanese arts and conversation as well as trained to provide guests with the requisite thoughtful hospitality. They work hard every day to become first-class practitioners of their profession.

Geisha taking on a new challenge toward the future

In line with the changing times, the number of ozashiki parties, which are where geisha practice their art, has been decreasing. However, in order to ensure the culture inherited from our forebears is passed down to the next generation, the Kagai district, in cooperation with local communities within Akasaka, provides a new option to enable more people to readily enjoy ozashiki parties.

Committed to being thoughtful in an elegant manner

While always behaving elegantly, even in this time of crisis, measures are taken to enable guests to enjoy ozashiki parties with geisha with peace of mind. Please feel safe to visit Akasaka Kagai.