Although many people are probably familiar with the word “geisha,” they do not necessarily know what to do at an ozashiki party with geisha. Many ozashiki parties last about two hours. Here we will focus on the major three elements of the party.

1. Conversation

At an ozashiki party, you can enjoy conversing with geisha while also sampling kaiseki cuisine and drinking sake poured by geisha, for whom you are expected to pour sake as a matter of courtesy. At the party, geisha do not eat but do drink.

2. Ozashiki Dance

Geisha dance and sing at an ozashiki party. When they begin to do so, the correct etiquette is to stop talking and eating and enjoy their beautiful performance in the space.
Please note: Before taking photos of geisha at the party, you should ask for their permission as a ourtesy.

3. Ozashiki Games

Enjoy a unique ozashiki game with geisha by following their instructions. The geisha will teach you how to play the game in a manner that is easy to understand, even for novice ozashiki attendees. There are various ozashiki games, and the geisha will propose one that is suitable for each party and guest. Many of the games include physical movement, and even guests from overseas who do not speak Japanese can enjoy playing them.

Unique Terms Used in the Kagai Districts

The Kagai districts have their own culture and terms, including those that are not generally used in society. Also, the terms may differ by district. We will introduce some of the terms so that you can enjoy ozashiki parties and talking with geisha even more.

Charges to be paid for ozashiki entertainment provided by geisha. Also called “Gyokudai.” The cost is basically calculated per two hours.

【ご祝儀 Goshugi】
Gift of money (tips to express gratitude) given by guests to geisha. The money is placed in an envelope before being handed over.

【遠出 Tode】
Visits made by geisha to restaurants located outside the Kagai district to which the geisha are attached.

【後口 Atokuchi】
This word refers to the geisha going to the next ozashiki party after one ends, or to a second party held at a different location with the same guest(s) after the first party.

【一見 Ichigen】
First-time guests attending an ozashiki party. A guest who has made a reservation for a second ozashiki party with the same geisha with whom they had the first is called “Ura-wo kaesu” and a third-time guest is called “Najimi.”